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Nutrition Perspectives

… first read what‘s on the packaging when you‘ve bought frozen foods! Jopa frozen foods with the ice crystal Jopa frozen foods from Holland, France, Italy, Bulgaria enrich the German table!

In Holland, there is no cheese,
In France, there is no wine,
And the population is angry
And blames only you

In Greece, there are no grapes,
And in Romania, they miss the grain,
Because the Germans steal everything there,
The population is full of anger.

In Norway, there are no fish,
And in Italy, there’s no fruit
They end up on the German tables
And the population, they curse.

In Denmark, there’s no butter,
In Hungary, there’s no pork,
The people have only little food left,
Because everything goes into the Third Reich.

Tobacco is taken from the Bulgarians,
The plum brandy from the Serbs,
This has been going on for almost five years,
Germany takes everything in possession.

And if you were to go to Brazil,
There would be no coffee left there,
Because you take the entire harvest,
Thanks to your wonderful army.

And even if the largest piles were there,
You’d simply take them away,
Brazil may drink ,
You’d explain, quite joyful and cheeky.

No matter which country you’ve came to,
Scarcity follows you closely,
Because you’ve taken everything with you,
But it will be over very soon.

The swastika locust plague
Is devouring this continent completely,
How much longer? is only the question,
Because it certainly won’t last much longer.

The subjected territories
Would, as Göring has told you,
Suffer from hunger before Greater Germany did,
They were tormented by hunger beforehand.

Now they’re starving for your benefit,
Because Hitler forces them to starve,
But Germany’s strength is evaporating,
Do you know what tomorrow will bring?

Because the peoples of the earth hate you,
You, who squander the world‘s goods,
One day, you will be made to starve
Just as you’re causing others to starve today.

Post-Editing: Ernst Sittig, Sylvia Stawski