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Invasion Francs

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Instead of Food – Counterfeit Money!
These Allied invasion banknotes were carried by the captured airborne troops in large quantities. – Hamburger Fremdenblatt – 12-6-44

The Allied troops who have landed in France naturally have to pay for what they purchase there. It would be reasonable to assume that they would use French banknotes for this purpose. However, they do not do so, but instead bring special “invasion francs” with them, and this would not be so bad if the Anglo-Americans had not taken advantage of the opportunity to gain a financial advantage. The official exchange rate of the franc is actually 176 francs against a pound sterling. However, with the invasion francs that are supposed to be accepted as regular francs in payment, not 176 but 205 go into a pound, a difference of 29 francs! Thus, the Anglo-Americans can buy cheaply on French soil – they are causing inflation. – 16-6-44

The Nazi press has excitedly
And disapprovingly noted,
That by the English in London
A new kind of money was created

In France’s villages, France’s cities,
That have been occupied by their armies,
British troops and Yankees today
Pay with such a banknote.

It’s a kind of Invasion Franc,
This Eisenhower-Bank paper,
The German press organs are howling,
All of France becomes poor as an ant.

Together with the invasion comes
A flooding with this money,
The British bring inflation
To France, this is established.

They don’t bring food to France,
Counterfeit money is being pumped into the country,
This is blamed on the English
And when I read it, I am speechless.

But when I reflect,
Is this then really true,
Then I must actually say,
If I were a German, I would have

Kept my mouth shut,
Because when it comes to counterfeit money,
I think that there is not much confidence
In how the guilder is currently standing.

When the British come to France now,
There is definitely nothing left to buy,
The Krauts have taken everything,
Just as here during the course

Of the past war years,
The country was thoroughly plundered,
France has been favoured with German marks
For valuable goods.

There are so many sore points,
When the currency theme is brought up,
Where did the Silver coins go,
Did they perhaps go to Berlin?

Where did the copper money go,
Only ugly, desolate gray zinc
Was given to us by the Kraut in exchange,
And only in my memory

Do I see the beautiful old coins,
The guilders, Duppies [Dubbeltjes, 10 Cent] and Spie [1 Cent],
The new money? I can’t get close to it,
I get too much when I see it.

And all people run escape
As far as they can from this money,
They can’t see nor stand it,
It has no value, it is said.

The Kraut has stripped the Netherlands’
Good guilder of its solidity,
He plunged the country into debt,
People lost money and goods.

The Dutch Bank today
Is under the control of Seyss and Van Tonningen,
The gold backing has died
And was buried in Berlin.

Paper is indeed so patient,
The printing press just runs wild,
Who dies tomorrow, owes nothing,
And the day after tomorrow, it all goes wrong.

They have severely disrupted
The economic life in all of Europe,
But now they will soon give up,
I already see the first light.

And when I see the Invasion Francs,
I say with some jealousy,
How happy I will be and thank God,
When I see Invasion Guilders.

Post-Editing: Nannie Braunstein-Beekman