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New V-Campaign

The five-year-long war of destruction under which we all suffer is the result of it. The blood of millions and millions will fall on the English and their children. Day and night, V 1 afflicts the criminal Albion, V2 will follow … – XXX – 29-6-44

Three years ago
The Krauts started their big V campaign
And wherever you went and where you came from
Everyone told you,

That such a V means “victory,”
Because Germany is determined to win,
They spread Vs galore,
In Russia, they were already deep within,

They stood at El Alamein,
Victorious everywhere,
On all fronts, things went well,
We were very depressed,

While both the Krauts and NSB
Were in a victorious rush,
They boasted of their beautiful V,
They were joyful and triumphed.

But with their V, things quickly went awry,
Now luck has abandoned them,
Those who rejoice too soon often find,
Premature joy brings no benefit.

Time passes quickly, that old V
Is almost forgotten by everyone,
Things didn’t go well for the Krauts,
One will soon know that.

On all fronts, things are quickly
Going downhill with them, yes, you know that,
And that’s why they’re launching
An action with a different V.

The new V is the V1,
Which will provide the result today,
The British find it malicious
And deadly, so it is written.

In Germany, optimism prevailed,
Since they started detonating V1,
They believe the war will be decisively
Turned in favor of the Krauts.

And if V1 doesn’t bring success,
They will try it with V2,
V3, V4, V5, V6,
It will surely happen someday.

They hope for new military equipment
And new cunning Hitler strategies,
Though their time is long gone,
Even if their chances have long been lost,

They don’t show signs of war weariness,
But endure as never before,
They don’t admit it to themselves,
Their Vs mean:

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders