2nd volume, no. 35, Page 4
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Little Munchausen Ballad

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Baron von Münchhausen,
The greatest lying mouth,
Teller of the wildest tales
To anyone willing to listen

Of hunts and wars,
Many wonderful journeys,
He knew how to lie splendidly
And made us believe his stories.

Endowed with colossal,
Unbridled fantasy,
He was the biggest braggart,
No greater one ever existed.

He lied convincingly
And bragged enormously,
About the unbelievable course of events
Of the most incredible adventures,

He knew how to tell them
We all listened eagerly
To Münchhausen’s stories,
and found them fascinating.

He knew how to dish them out
With true mastery,
Only sometimes it was a bit
Too much Münchhausen-like.

As a well-traveled man,
he flim-flammed his listeners
Münchhausen was a master
Of the art of fabrication.

And everyone who listened to him
Fell under his spell,
Münchhausen intoxicated
Everyone with his lies.

He was a wonder in boasting,
No one could compare,
He was priceless,
But in the Third Reich,

Honestly, between you and me,
His aura is gone,
Because Goebbels has broken
The Münchhausen record.

Post-Editing: Eleonore A. Speckens