A German Sailor Sailed

(to the title image)

A German sailor sailed
Not long ago through the canal
And thought: the Hitler affair
Will surely one day,

That’s beyond question for me,
Soon be over,
I wait for it every day,
And if it happens, it would be fine

I want to go on foreign waters
Finally back home,
Home suits me better,
I wish the war were over.

At home, I have a little boy,
I‘ve never seen him yet,
He has a dimple in his chin
And he can speak quite well.

That‘s what my wife wrote,
Because otherwise I wouldn‘t know,
I haven‘t been over there for three years,
I‘m doing my duty here,

I sail as a German sailor
On a torpedo boat,
And I‘m in a pickle,
And I wish the Führer dead,

And I wish our navy
Would behave like in the last war,
And stop the war machine,
That would be the true victory.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig