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The Punishment

At one o’clock in the afternoon, the Polish ambassador, Lipski, requested a meeting with Minister von Ribbentrop and peace seemed to be saved. But the German Foreign Minister did not wish to receive Lipski until 7:45 in the evening. While Lipski declared, on behalf of his government, to be ready for direct talks, the German minister refused to inform the ambassador of the German demands, on the pretext that he was not authorized to accept or reject them immediately. At 8 o’clock in the evening, the German radio announced the nature and extent of these demands, adding that Poland had rejected them. That is a lie, for Poland didn’t even know the content of these demands. Early in the morning of September 1 the Führer ordered his troops to attack. Never has an aggression been clearer and more unjust, never have more lies and cynicism been used to justify it. Thus, war broke out, while high-ranking personalities had committed themselves to peace, while the whole world wanted to bring both parties together to peacefully resolve the conflict. – 3-9-39

They wanted the war
And they got it.
What they wished for was fulfilled,
But the war brought them no blessing.

In the beginning, they could
Achieve great successes
Because one was not prepared,
Thus, into all corners,

The German army made good progress,
Every opponent was defeated,
They countries were taken and plundered,
And Germany thought in those days,

That for world domination
The German people are chosen.
We are the true master race,
Whoever resists is lost.

The German superiority
Has long since disappeared,
We see the end of the fight.
It’s almost impossible to catch up.

The Russians will soon be in Berlin,
The Czechs will soon be in Dresden,
The Frenchman crosses the Rhine,
The Belgian also takes territories,

Because his country was destroyed twice,
Twice the population had to bleed,
They are filled with a desire for revenge,
Even if the damage cannot be compensated.

Soon the fight will be decided,
The Nazi glory will be over,
What takes place is justice
And the punishment of history.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders