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Uprising in Slovakia!

German troops in Slovakia.
Official Slovak sources announce that, at the request of the Slovak government, German troops invaded Slovakia to participate in the fight against the partisans and to restore peace and quiet in the country. Working with paratroopers dropped by the Bolsheviks, the partisans, as additional reporting shows, managed to disrupt the order. The German troops crossed the border on the basis of the support treaty with Slovakia. – 30-8-44

It appears that in Slovakia uprisings have broken out in various places, with the garrisons joining the insurgents. The Slovak President Tiso views these uprisings as Bolshevik riots and has called for German assistance to fight them. In Berlin, it is thought that the suppression of the uprising will be reported very soon. – 1-9-44

Today I read: The Slovaks
Are fortunately are waking up
And they are resisting
And I am pleased about it.

Read this, hear this,
Hitler’s friend, that Monsignore
Tiso already called the Krauts,
Will that help him a bit?

Everywhere in Slovakia
They are now fighting
Wherever you look: uprising everywhere,
Things are going well, believe me.

The whole Balkans seems like lava
And now
That uprising in Bratislava is added
And we are happy about it.

But the Kraut is less pleased,
He definitely finds it annoying,
Everywhere he looks,
German power is thwarted.

The French, Belgians, and Slovaks
Are rebelling and eventually they will make
Adolf Hitler’s
Life terribly miserable.

Everywhere we look,
We now see the Krauts retreating
Every blow hits home
And now the Slovak is added.

And it may take only a few more days
And then our hour will strike, too
Yes, we will soon rise to fight
And we will be freed very quickly.

People of Rotterdam, Amsterdam,
Antoon Mussert finds it regrettable
But for us, it’s great fun
And we celebrate a feast.

Adolf Hitler is lost
And we see freedom dawning
That was denied to us for so long
And we see human rights

Finally triumph,
Yes, it won‘t take much longer
Before we see our wish fulfilled
But — just a little more patience.

Post-Editing: Benno Groeneveld