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Little Curtain Sermon

Furthermore, Dr. Goebbels explains that the effect of these measures will not be long in coming, but will soon come to light. Special measures to achieve this have already been taken. As the minister explains, this is in line with the wishes of the German people, which makes no other demand as clear as that the efforts will indeed be total. Germany will now unleash its full power. “The people want it and the leadership is firmly committed to it.” And in this way, the war can only lead to a victorious end, so concludes the final statement. – 11-8-44

From all sides,
Germany is merciless trapped,
Your bigwigs, they are today
Nervous and terribly scared

Yes, the swastika criminals
Often grab their collars
Would like to crawl into mouse holes
shiver for the days to come

When they stand before the judge
Because the Nazi bigwigs know,
Can feel it, can see it,
That they must soon pay

For the terrible atrocities
They committed everywhere
Yes, it’s not hard to guess,
The fascists must hang.

And they know they are lost,
Know they cannot be saved
Yet the dictators act
As if they still had a chance

To lead you to happiness and victory
And they boast and they brag
Hear them lie, simulate,
Germany’s power was not broken

Our forces are immensely strong
Our chances are gigantic,
Life’s juices are abundant,
Hitler still stores countless innovations

In his knapsack,
Which will surely bring the final victory
Today you hear them sing again
As they sang in 1918.

Other than still fighting at the front
For the Hitler potentates
Like slaves and torture henchmen
It would be advisable to you

To turn the rifles around
Against your benefactors
And to put an end
To Hitler, your oppressor.

But you’ll never get wiser
You let yourselves be guided without will
And you continue to fight and die
Without thinking about it.

Post-Editing: Nannie Braunstein-Beekman