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How to Become a Prophet

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World events.
Landings elsewhere in Europe hardly to be expected.
The majority of the Invasion Army is already in France. In this context, it is stated in Berlin that the majority of the armed forces designated for the invasion are now already in France. Initially, Montgomery had the smaller half of the invasion army, with the rest staying under General Patton in England. However, when this appeared necessary, Eisenhower provided more troops and with this, Montgomery was able to achieve his goal, albeit at the cost of heavy sacrifices in human lives and material. The armed force still ready for operations in Europe in England is smaller than the one led by Montgomery, and under these circumstances, it is believed in Berlin, new landings should essentially not be expected anymore. It is evident that the allies are looking for the decision to come east and south of Normandy and Brittany. – 8-8-44

Attack on Southern France was not unexpected.
While the battle in Northern France has reached an unprecedented intensity and the Soviets are ready to resume their offensive in the East, the battlefield newly expanded yesterday: the allies have proceeded with a landing in Southern France, a landing which, although considerably smaller in scale than the one in Normandy, nevertheless puts the Mediterranean area in the centre of interest. This landing did not come as a surprise. – 16-8-44

It is easy to become a prophet,
It’s quickly learned,
Yes, friends, you just need to know
How to transform yourself

And to infallibly predict
What will happen soon,
Being a prophet, who would not wish to be one,
So, I’ll tell you.

The method is a bit primitive,
Like Columbus’s egg,
However, that is no problem for us,
We create an aura

And act very mysterious
And very occultistic,
And if you do that, then you’ll surely succeed,
So, be optimistic,

And just take some Pittodik,
Or start card laying down some cards,
And then you apply a trick:
You say the opposite.

Of what’s written in the newspapers,
You will be amazed yourself,
And stunned by the result,
The people overwhelmed,

Will see you as a miracle man,
As a visionary,
Who can look into the future,
You can rely on it,

A DNB prediction has
Never come true,
The Krauts always get it wrong,
I say this without hesitation.

Just proclaim the opposite
Of what the DNB oracle says,
Then you’ll undoubtedly have much
Success, you’ll become a miracle man

Quickly recognized as a great prophet
Full of secret powers
I know it truly and for certain,
But … you shouldn’t wait for long,

Yes, do it today if possible,
Because otherwise, I would think,
With the German defeat
The DNB will be gone.

Post-Editing: Bernard Groeneveld