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Doctor Goebbels’ Step to Victory

Dr. Goebbels:
One step closer to victory.
The weekly article in Das Reich.
In his weekly article in Das Reich, Dr. Goebbels discusses the consequences of the assassination attempt on July 20th and says, among other things: We have, the minister concludes, once again taken a step closer to victory in the past four weeks. It is not yet visible to everyone at the moment, but the future will prove that this is the case. What needed to be cleansed has been cleansed. If the nation focuses its eyes solely on the Führer, faithfully and obediently follows his commands, and is only filled with the ambition to surpass even itself this time, then at the end of this gigantic struggle is the German victory. – 18-8-44.

Doctor Goebbels has spoken,
In recent weeks, we did again
Take a new step towards victory,

For Adolf Hitler was spared
Thanks to the actions of God or Wotan
And that’s why we will win the war.

You might not yet understand it
And still don’t see the silver lining
On our German horizon,

But our fiasco is temporary,
Indeed, unexpected things often and frequently
And one day the front will

Show a different face than today,
Just wait, dear people,
Patience, patience, you’ll see.

Beloved Swastika community,
You’ll see how our enemies
Will perish soon.

Let Hitler guide your ways,
Let only the Führer think for you
And everything will be fine.

And never let your German faith
Be robbed from you, despite hardship and misfortune
Preserve hope, stay courageous.

Even if we suffer sometimes defeats,
The final victory is beyond question,
There’s no doubt anymore.

And when I read Goebbels’ words,
I half laugh and half I am angry,
Where does he get the impertinence from?

Post-Editing: Nannie Braunstein-Beekman