2nd volume, no. 45, Page 2
2nd volume, no. 45, Page 3

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Slaps and Slaps

Furthermore, it is noted in the German capital that it must undoubtedly be a disappointment for Montgomery that the successes achieved are largely due to the actions of the Americans and that the performances of the English lag behind. – 8-8-44

The German Nazis find it
Apparently very important
And also have fun with the fact
That today in Northern France

The Yankee troops achieve more success
Than the English,
Even if they themselves go bust,
As long as the Brits fail.

The Germans are in a very bad position,
Receive the heaviest blows,
Their enemies break through
With men and armoured cars.

It’s hardly denied anymore,
No, it’s admitted,
This is not what we’re used to,
It‘s a matter of life and death.

But England didn’t gain any honour,
Only the Americans
They tore a crack in our front,
The Brits are not good fighters.

The Brits didn’t do very well,
They are not real good fighters,
Are not firm and are too cowardly,
Mock the foolish Krauts.

They still see a difference in
From whom the blows come,
The British ones are not to their liking,
While they, without hesitation,

Gladly accept the blows from the Yankees,
I really can’t understand it
And can’t see any logic behind it,
Because: slaps are still slaps!

Post-Editing: Bernard Groeneveld