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Goebbels‘ Cultural Demolition

The total war effort.
Heavy penalties for violations.
As announced by the Reich‘s Commissioner for the total war effort, Reich Minister Dr. Goebbels, in the future only film and radio will provide relaxation to the soldiers on the front and the workers in the homeland and convey cultural values. With the least use of people and materials, these reach the largest possible circles of the German people.
As reported by D.N.B:
All theaters, variety shows, cabarets, and acting schools must be closed by September 1, 1944. The corresponding „Fachschaften“ (professional associations) and trade groups will be dissolved, and private acting, singing, and dancing lessons will be discontinued. All circus companies, with a few exceptions necessary for the preservation of valuable animal stock, will be shut down. The forces released, as far as they are usable for the war, will be added to the fighting troops. All others will be used in arms and war production. All orchestras, music schools, and conservatories, with the exception of some leading institutions, which are also urgently needed by the broadcast for the execution of its programs, will cease their artistic work. Their members are added to the armed forces in the same way as those of the shut-down theater ensembles or used in the arms industry. In the field of fine arts, art exhibitions and competitions will be discontinued for the same reason, and academies, art colleges, as well as private art and painting schools, will be closed. Publications in the field of fine literature, entertainment, and related reading will be discontinued. – 25-8-44

It’s a general failure,
And today it unveils
The other side of the coin,
The true picture of Hitler’s reign.

There’s nothing and absolutely nothing left
But the utmost distress,
After almost twelve years of Nazi fever,
Everything with you is dead.

This surely isn’t spartanic anymore,
Compared to this, Sparta was a land of luxury,
In the Third Reich, there’s nothing at all,
That was determined in Goebbels‘ council.

You may still listen to a bit of radio,
And may still go to the movies,
But beyond that, you have to draw on
What you’ve seen in the past.

For the theaters have closed,
And the variety shows and cabarets,
Instead, the comrades now enjoy
The Swastika blabber

And the acrobatic performances,
Of the Swastika agitation,
And of shoddy magical procedures,
That indeed could replace the circus.

You see the clubfoot dance on a tightrope,
And twisted like a contortionist
He shows you Germany’s good prospects,
As long as Adolf Hitler leads.

After all, it’s a time of hardness,
And a time of frugality,
So you sacrifice concerts
And every other delight.

Thus, the comedians were made
Active for military service,
The heroic fathers guarantee
Victory, it won’t go wrong anymore.

And even if the actors are angry,
They silently bear their misfortune,
Many a cheerful little ballerina
Now diligently works in the factory.

The rhythm of the machine,
Takes the place of ballet music,
And some prima ballerinas,
Wish that Adolf would break his neck.

Yes, actors and acting students,
They surely stand
A bit cooler from now on
Towards Hitler and the Swastika.

They demolish the last shabby remnants
Of German art thoroughly now.
And the system shows itself at its best:
As Germany’s cultural grave.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig