2nd volume, no. 46, Page 15
2nd volume, no. 46, Page 16

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The NSB Members Tremble

Subsequently, Mussert spoke about the evacuation of the women and children of the NSB members to the northeast of the country. He informed that on Monday evening he had ordered the district leaders of the Movement to evacuate the women and children of members who felt threatened, from the south and west of the country to the northeast. From Tuesday onwards, thousands followed this order, accompanied by men who were then to return to take their place in the Landwacht. Of course, there are those who have unlawfully left their posts, who will always and everywhere exist. – 12/9/44

The war is rapidly
Approaching its climax.
It might still last for weeks,
But these weeks will pass
And the Netherlands will then be free again
And Hitler has fallen.

The Russians will soon start again
And the Kraut will soon be driven out
from all of Western Europe,
The pace is extraordinary,
A large part is already liberated,
The NSB members tremble.

They have, we see it with delight,
Backed the wrong horse.
And they have lost the game,
It won‘t be long until their blood flows,
Because it’s going well, yes! It’s going well!
Like never before.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig