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Military report of 27 September
Last resistance at Arnhem broken.
In the Arnhem area, the last resistance of the first British airborne division was broken on 26 September. In fierce battles that lasted 10 days, forces from all branches of the military, which were quickly assembled under the command of SS-Obergruppenführer and General of Police Sepp Dietrich, managed to destroy this British elite division despite the reinforcement being brought in. All attempts to relieve these troops from the south failed with heavy losses. 6,450 Britons were taken prisoner, while the enemy left thousands of dead, 30 anti-tank guns, other weapons, and 250 vehicles on the battlefield. In addition, 1,000 cargo gliders were destroyed and 100 aircraft were shot down. – 28-9-44

The progress of the liberators
Has been somewhat slow lately.
Yes, they even suffer at Arnhem
A noticeable defeat.

All those brave paratroopers,
Whom Eisenhower sent,
Have fallen or have been captured,
And for the most part wounded.

Unfortunately, it is undeniable
That this is a debacle,
Since the beginning of the invasion
It went wrong at Arnhem for the first time.

First major setback,
Sacrifices made in vain,
Arnhem, example of destruction,
And the NSB member laughs

And is happy and content,
Believes he’s already safe,
He is delighted for no reason,
And rejoiced too soon,

For one swallow doesn’t make a summer,
The events at Arnhem won’t save him,
Even if it’s regrettable
And fills us with sorrow,

Let’s not hang our heads
And not lose hope,
No, we hope and trust
In the further course

Of the war operations,
For in the end, it will be alright,
Yes, we see how it’s rushing to an end
With the Nazis everywhere

Like a deadly struck,
Venomously writhing scorpion
At Arnhem, a group of Krauts
Has been able to harm the Brits.

Don’t let sorrow overtake you,
But remain upbeat,
For these are the final convulsions
Of the swastika insect.

Post-Editing: Nannie Braunstein-Beekman