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Oh, If Only Germany Weren’t So Foolish!

Oh, if only Germany weren’t so foolish,
Then things wouldn’t be so bad for you,
Then you wouldn’t be so bent today
And wouldn’t be so weakened,

You wouldn’t have believed in Hitler
And wouldn’t have tolerated him,
And never would have allowed him,
To lead you into war.

You wouldn’t have given him the power,
the sovereignty,
Which only brought you distress and misfortune
And downfall in disgrace.

Twelve years soaked by the swastika
Is a long time,
No wonder that today you’re exhausted,
At the end of your strength.

You would have saved property and blood
And would be sitting warm and comfortable,
But because you were great fools
You had a third Reich.

It may be only a heap of ruins
And a field of ruins,
But it’s willingly accepted,
Because you hold to the Führer.

And even if the empire sinks into ruins,
The Führer won’t care.
And even if it drowns in blood,
Loyalty is its duty.

You willingly give skin and hair
For your Führer,
You eat turnips for a hundred years
And would do even more.

You serve him faithfully and serve him stupidly,
And go through thick and thin,
He became a prophet and philosopher,
And you can’t go back.

You think you absolutely must
Perish with him,
That seems noble to you and good
And heroic and beautiful.

Yes, if you weren’t so dim-witted,
It would have been over long ago,
And Germany wouldn’t be destroyed
And like .

Post-Editing: Ernestine Kahn