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Please do not blame me
For writing German verses,
See the truth, see the facts,
How I still remain the same.

For they are indeed German tones,
But no spirit of the Kraut speaks,
And no madness of the Teutons
from the verses you read.

They are written in German,
But free from Hitler‘s stains,
And an answer is given
To the German tyranny.

German mistakes, German deeds,
Are sharply criticized,
Hitler‘s robber and murder nomads
Are portrayed fiercely.

Reflection for the “Germanic” people,
A warning to the world,
To teach and admonish,
So do not consider me petty.

Look at the content and thoughts,
That are expressed here,
If they are bad, despise them,
Whether expressed in Greek or Latin

Or in German,
What is language? Just material,
Many a rogue has spoken,
Dutch as a mother tongue,

Because the NSBers give
Dutch words a German delusion,
Even if I‘ve written German,
I‘m far from being a Hitlerian.

Above countries, above times,
Above languages, above borders,
Stands the action and stands the suffering,
Stands the feeling of humans.

Post-Editing: Nannie Braunstein-Beekman