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Churchill is a Drunkard

Let us realize this well. England, America, and Soviet Russia cannot win this war anymore with a drunkard like Churchill, a half-lunatic person like Roosevelt, or a sadist like Stalin at the helm. Their criminal bombings are the last convulsions of their dying regime. Hitler has fulfilled every word he spoke; therefore, Germany will win this war, and our Dutch workers can contribute their part to it. – 17-1-44

Churchill is a drunkard
Continuously they repeat,
That they will surely win,
They mock their opponents,
Wherever they may be found.

They talk of retaliation
And severe punishment,
When one reads their insults,
One is astonished about it.

Churchill is a boozy,
Roosevelt is mad,
Joseph Stalin is a sadist,
But Hitler without flaw.

Hitler‘s opponents?
A criminal bunch!
But HE is very different,
Friend, you understand.

Churchill is soused,
Stalin wild and cruel,
Germany is still hoping
For a false prophet.

Churchill is etc.

Much has been sinned,
Much has been done wrong,
Much proclaimed as truth
And it turned out to be delusion.

Hitler will achieve
Victory in the end,
According to their tales,
For he is made of steel.

Churchill is etc.

England is lost,
Russia is shattered,
And the Yankees belong
In the same boat,

They suffer from bombs
And get hit hard,
They don’t give a damn,
They will never stop it.

Churchill is etc.

Germany is going down,
But they don‘t care,
The same old song
Always goes around.

They are preparing
For the final battle,
Hitler will lead them
To blessedness.

Churchill is etc.

Post-Editing: Simone Bloch