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Cunning Solution

Gas Production instead of septic drain fields
In Erfurt, the buses of the transport companies and a number of private sector cars and trucks are powered by methane derived from municipal wastewater.

In most German cities, wastewater is used for fertilizing fields. In Erfurt, it is directed to a sewage treatment plant where approximately one million of raw gas is produced annually, with an average heating value of 6400 heat units per cubic meter, composed of 70% methane and 30% carbon dioxide.
By removing the carbon dioxide, the heating value can be increased to about 9000 heat units per cubic meter. One liter of purified gas can be equated with one liter of gasoline in terms of engine performance. It can rightly be said that the residents of Erfurt are directly supplying fuel for the buses and other vehicles in operation. The quality of nutrition plays an important role in the quantity of gas produced. – 12-12-43

Once, when the king called for all,
Everyone, everyone came until the last,
And now they make the last one productive,
And Germany says yes and amen to all.

Whoever thinks that the petrol problem
Could burden the Third Reich heavily,
Is now deeply disappointed
As they turn excrement into fuel.

They‘re squeezing out the last from you
And cleverly using it,
The term “flatulent intent” is a little odd,
But this gas propulsion case amuses me to make jokes.

Now they’re driving with your waste,
Eureka! a new Archimedes cried,
What was once worthless is now highly valued,
They‘re powering Horch and Mercedes with it.

No more need for coal and wood
To heat the car generator,
No, you‘re proud of it today:
The future of the Reich relies on your intestines.

That drowns out many pains,
Whether Finland follows Italy‘s example,
It hardly moves the German heart,
Because victory will be achieved with the help of feces.

My body is a ,
Every German now exclaims pathetically,
From Germany‘s Westwall to Königsberg,
Fuel is now produced synthetically.

Soon even the Tiger tank will run,
And some airplanes will fly on body gases,
Perhaps it causes a smell,
But that doesn‘t diminish the ecstasy.

You now know for sure that you can do it,
Because with this, the war cannot be lost,
Germany is filled with surplus vitality,
And you know how to exploit it well.

This is the time of the new light,
The result after all those Hitler years,
One eats one‘s bread in the sweat of one’s countenance,
And drives a car fueled by the sweat of one’s behind.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig