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The NAF Song

They took the Roman Catholic Trade Union,
Christians and the NVV,
And turned them into the Labour Front
With leadership from the NSB.

And from this new unity soup,
A Woudenberg became the leader.
But hey, it was a cross,
The workers stayed at home.

Dear Mr. Woudenberg,
How bad you have a cold,
Why are you sitting on the ground
With the new Labour Front.

True NVV members always remain red,
A Christian is always fine,
The RK doesn’t lift a finger.
And whatever is sung and said,
Things are going badly for the Labour Front,
They shout: People, become members!
But no one cares.

Chorus 2:
Dear Mr. Woudenberg, etc.

And he remains lonely and alone,
And things don‘t go well for him.
The workers remained hard as stone
And against the NSB.
And loyal to the old trade union,
And against the new Labour Front,
They stay true to what they are,
Whether Roman, red or fine.

Dear Mr. Woudenberg, etc.

But when the Kraut is driven out,
Then you‘ll see something,
Then it will go badly with the NSB members,
Now they go into hiding.

When they go out in public,
They‘re laid on the funeral bier,
And there‘s joyfulness:
There, we are rid of them.

Dear Mr. Woudenberg,
Then you‘ll catch a really bad cold,
They will put you in the ground
With the Nazi Labour Front.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders