1st volume, no. 4, Page 2
1st volume, no. 4, Page 3

cover / introduction

Prologue for NSB Members and German Sympathisers

Today one feels compelled by the newspapers
To participate in the “Front Care Action”
And join in with heart and hands
The Underwater Cabaret.

When one sees Willem Mengelberg
And his orchestra in action
One becomes jealous to the bone and marrow
And would also love to play his song.

Carter’s company, what a piece of junk,
And such a thing is called a variety show
Parlus de Ruiter’s shallow nonsense
Pales beside the OWC

That creates a very special atmosphere
For NSB and frontline soldiers,
It bites and mocks and rants and raves
And says exactly what it is about.

And more value is attached
On truth than to pleasantry,
Crooked is called crooked and bad remains bad
And murder is murder and fact is fact.

It has the right perspective,
Not limited by Goebbels’ directive,
And is much less positive
Than many NSB members wish.

I have worked on the land for a long time,
And it has long bored me,
I found enough comedy is being played
In the newspaper every day.

And because I thought it too much
What was presented to me daily,
I bring the truth onto the stage
In the Underwater Cabaret.

This play is dedicated to “Front Care”,
As care for the internal front
It denounces it openly and fiercely,
Whether NSB or Arbeidsfront:

We now offer a different fare
Than what „Volk en Vaderland“ cooks up,
The OWC stands at its post
And may alienate you.

But perhaps through such a blow
You will be healed from your mistakes,
The OWC rants and raves
And didn’t play in vain.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders