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The Oil Fields of Romania (Song)

Balti and Proskurov Evacuated.
Führer‘s Headquarters, March 26 (D.N.B.)Several Soviet attacks and crossing attempts at the lower course of the Ukrainian Bug were foiled. Along the entire front between Pervomaisk and east of Brody, our troops are engaged in fierce defensive battles, during which the cities of Balti and Proskurov were evacuated.According to the B-correspondent of the A.N.P. from Berlin, the most critical point of the front is currently where the second Soviet Ukrainian army under Marshal Koniev, after crossing the Dniester between Mogilev-Podolsk and Jampol, has advanced southwards beyond Balti (Bieltzy) and now stands at the railway line to the Romanian city of Jassy. It has now approached the Prut River, which formed the Romanian border until June 22, 1941, when the German offensive against the Soviet Union began. For Romania, this means that the enemy is now at its gates. – March 28, 1944The front runs in a westerly direction from Pervomasik to just north of Jassy. This part of the front is under heavy pressure from the Bolsheviks, who have received new reinforcements and now superior in numbers. The front then bends in a northwest direction until approximately the area of Stanislau. It has reached the Prut River at some points. While one Soviet army is advancing southwestward towards Bukovina, where the Prut forms the border, another Soviet army is moving from the area of Tarnopol towards this Romanian province, and the city of Czernowitz is now within its reach. The goal is apparently the joining of these two armies. – March 30, 1944

Czernowitz Evacuated.
Führer‘s Headquarters, March 30 (D.N.B.) – The High Command of the Armed Forces announces: The city of Tsjernowitz has been evacuated. In the area of Stanislau, there are intense battles with encroaching enemy combat groups.

Many defeats have now been suffered,
Old Romania’s border has been crossed,
And the Russians took Czernowitz yesterday,
And Bukovina is in their possession.

Jassy is also in their hands,
It is said that deep in Bessarabia
Stalin’s Red Armies still stand,
And some Nazis say, “Oh my, oh my!”

The oil fields of Romania,
Adolf Hitler is likely to lose them
In just a few weeks, and then he’ll have no fuel,
Yes, and then? Then things look bad for him.

Undoubtedly, in Ukraine now
The story will be straightened out shortly,
The Russians are now doing a big clean-up there,
And sweeping away the German remains.

In the south, things are getting better every day,
Every day, one wonders, when will Odessa fall?
Donetz, Dnieper, Bug, now Dniester, and then Prut,
Adolf Hitler’s army will soon be defeated.


Clearly, on all fronts now,
It‘s evident they couldn‘t win in the long run,
Yes, one feels it: Adolf Hitler’s power is faltering,
Germany hasn‘t fared well with him.

And those oppressed by the Nazis
Joyfully hear that the Russians are advancing,
Impatiently waiting for the moment
To thoroughly defeat Adolf.

The petroleum fields of Romania, etc. etc.

Post-Editing: Eleonore S. Speckens