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Göring Sniffs at the Gasoline

Göring in the industrial area. During his 25-day journey through Germany, Field Marshal Göring also visited the industrial areas in West Germany to check if these areas were adequately protected against air attacks. – The General is shown the latest synthetic gasoline.

Berlin, August 9 – The Nachtausgabe publishes an interview with Field Marshal Göring about his 25-day journey through Germany. He tells, among other things, that he also used his journey to ensure the security of the most important industrial areas against air attacks. He took special care to ensure that the Ruhr area is as well-protected as possible, and he will make sure that any batteries possibly still stationed there will also be protected. – 1939

And Göring sniffs at the gasoline
In the year thirty-nine,
Extracted from coal, it seems,
In the Ruhr area, very diligently.

And Göring sniffs and he thinks:
In a few weeks‘ time,
Then the ring will be blown up by us,
The war will be declared.

And Göring sniffs: First
Poland will have to suffer,
The Führer is the shepherd of the Reich,
The Führer will surely know.

And Göring smells: Yes, gasoline
I have hoarded in large quantities,
It should be enough
Until we achieve victory.

I restricted the import of bacon
And cheese and vegetables
The food is gone, of course,
But we will get it back soon

With our brave army,
With such good weapons,
It will certainly not be difficult for us
To provide ourselves with food.

And Göring sniffs: Does it suffice
For our war machine,
Can synthetic gasoline be produced
According to consumption?

In Leuna and in the Ruhr area
There are many fuel plants,
What is extracted from coal there,
That is the strength of the Reich.

The Ruhr area is well protected
And not easy to bombard,
And since it has such protection,
It can produce fuel.

And Göring sniffs, for he knows
Germany is prepared,
The blessing is worth the effort,
When we proceed with blitzkrieg.

We will simply deal with one country after another
In a short time,
And once they are in our hands,
We will be compensated

For what they took
From us last time,
We will gain
Much more, too.

The German flag will wave
On this earthly sphere,
We Germans are the Herrenvolk,
They will see that.

Five years have passed, time went by.
A new phase came,
Germany is facing a shortage of gasoline,
Göring rubs his nose.

I believe he no longer sniffs
So optimistically today,
Time went by, his heart is heavy,
You can almost hear it pounding.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig