2nd volume, no. 32, Page 16
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The Fear Song

Block letter anonymous – No, I cannot publish your entire letter, but the last sentence of it is printed here for general amusement: “I know you are extremely scared and in distress. That’s how it should be.” – 18-7-44

Things are going well in the East, as I hear,
Very good, the Russians advance,
The Krauts quickly retreat
And everything is moving so swiftly.

It won’t be long until Germany,
And all the Nazis get scared,
And also the NSB members here,
They look sad and sour,
It’s a giant defeat
Their plan does not work out.

The leader is deathly pale with fright,
Van Geelkerken is nervous,
The whole NSB cabal
Is in the funk,
Max Blokzijl is already singing mournful music,
But we are happy

At the Atlantic Wall,
It’s not yet that good, not yet amazingly great,
And not entirely according to plan,
But we are only at the beginning.

And yesterday Saint Lo also fell,
Then I shouted with joy, “OZO”
In Utrecht on the Maliebaan Allee,
It looked a little darker,
Friend Antoon said “Houzee!”
It’s not easy.


And also in the South, things are going fine,
Florence will soon be captured
As the reports show,
Livorno has also been reached.

Van Kesselring received the oak leaves,
A very good sign, I believe,
Van Rundstedt was also honored in this way,
And shortly afterwards retired.
No wonder that I sing:
When will Kesselring go?


With the Japanese ally
Things are also going poorly, they are in need,
The war is not going well there either,
And Tojo was just dismissed,

Wherever you look, wherever you see,
It’s the same song everywhere,
The man who once ordered the blows,
He’ll get his reward, he’ll go to prison for it
He’ll receive his rightful punishment,

The swastika will fall soon.


Post-Editing: Robert Saunders