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Adolf‘s Art Preserves

Witnesses for posterity
On the orders of the Führer, historically valuable wall and ceiling paintings are being captured throughout the Reich using the art of color photography, to be passed down as witnesses of immortal culture to future generations, even if the aerial terror destroys the originals. – Müncher Presse 1-6-44

The war also struck German art
With the heaviest wounds,
Many a work of art
Met its end through the blaze already.

But one sees relieved and delighted
How, thanks to Hitler’s actions,
On many a strip of celluloid
The art is being preserved

In Weimar’s Bellevue Palace,
And Stuttgart‘s Solitude,
And Wilhelmshöhe and Sanssouci,
They film tirelessly

Many a wall and ceiling painting
Of artistic nature.
The German people read with gratitude
The Leader’s consideration,

The memory shall remain
For later generations
Of this art with noble spirit,
One day, what was in the past,

Can still be shown photographically
To sons and daughters,
Of old beauty, wonderful,
One can convince oneself.

They film now from early till late
Many a magnificent painting,
If it’s up to Adolf Hitler,
Then very soon

Every image will be photographed,
Even if bombs have ruined it
It doesn’t matter, it’s copied
In the most beautiful photo colors.

The Mannheim and Bückeburg castles,
Also the Zwinger in Dresden,
All of them preserved through
The color film at the best.

Yes, even if enemies destroy your art
To rubble now,
The “Art Preserves” will soon provide you
With a pale mist.

They show splendor and show brilliance,
Taken over by Hitler,
The color film draws the balance,
How far you have come.

Thanks to his mad policies
You were armed for war,
But luck is fickle,
Now the country is devastated.

He led you into the war
And robbed you of the best.
It’s nicely photocopied,
But otherwise, it’s remnants of ruins.

The Führer has much more culture
Than previous vandals,
Who only plundered and robbed,
Only destroyed and stole.

Mr. Hitler follows the same custom,
Much he had demolished,
But what was destroyed he also had
– Partially – photographed.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig