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Lupine Eggs

During the Continental Blockade, Napoleon promoted the cultivation of sugar beets to free himself from cane sugar. This fortunate experiment is not unique. Let‘s think today, for example, about sweet lupins instead of chicken egg whites. The grain of the newly bred sweet lupin is now ground into flour, which is acclaimed as a high-quality, protein-rich food. The protein contained in sweet lupine flour, according to Fritz Schneider‘s statement in the Journal of Public Nutrition, is almost 100% digestible. It has a biological value that is not achieved by any other plant protein and closely approaches animal protein. Therefore, sweet lupine flour can be used as a substitute for chicken egg whites. Sweet lupine flour quickly gained entry into the soup industry and is successfully used in the production of pasta. The plant taste that remains in the raw state disappears after cooking or baking, the flour gives the dishes and pastries a beautiful color and an appetizing appearance. – 9-7-44

Napoleon is a poor sucker
If we draw Hitler in for comparison,
Napoleon only brought sugar beets,
But in Adolf’s Third Reich

It’s teeming with innovations,
And some excellent substitutes,
Many things have been displaced
From their original position.

Instead of butter, they gave you cannons,
And you drink linden blossom tea,
And today you live in barracks,
Thanks to your NSDAP.

Instead of your men’s consciousness,
They do their duty for Adolf,
What sheer pleasure it ist for you,
So proud and no complain.

With excretion, the engines run
In a new gear, the Hitler gear,
Their humming sounds in your ears
Just like a Horst Wessel song.

Today you grease your dishes,
With Goebbels’ propaganda oil,
The egg, I will prove it to you,
Is replaced by lupine flour.

Yes, everything is in brownest butter,
Even though it is butter-free,
Germany saves on chicken feed,
Yet has an abundance of eggs.

Thanks to Adolf, the lupine
Was discovered as an egg supplier,
And you say with a blissful look,
Lupine egg, oh, how delicious.

Now you’re turning the world upside down,
Every egg problem is solved,
No egg shortage in the Third Reich,
That’s very comfortable for you.

If we didn’t have our Führer,
You say, we’d forget about the chicken,
Because today we have omelettes,
No chicken was involved.

We have scrambled and fried eggs,
It’s almost magic,
Plentiful and tasty, not too expensive,
Yes, we’ve made it.

And I’m truly speechless,
Respectfully, I bow my head,
No chicks anymore and no brooding hen,
I really wouldn’t have believed it.

Observe the lupine,
Who would have imagined,
One expects she serves livestock breeding,
But now she’s come a long way.

Yes, the lupine is making a career,
And now she advances to be an egg,
But I suppose, when I hear of this,
They’ve degraded you to livestock.

Post-Editing: Kurt Gerhard Funke