2nd volume, no. 34, Page 15
2nd volume, no. 34, Page 16

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Joyful Perspective

Action reigns on every front,
The situation is okay,
The OWC editorial office
Feels: Peace is coming soon.

The very last rounds,
Are now announced,
The Nazi dogs are being driven out
Of the occupied Europe.

Rescue is on its way,
Approaches haistly,
Hard blows fall,
Some blood will flow.

But everyone can hear,
And everyone can feel,
Freedom is being born,
Freedom is breaking through.

The Krauts go to die,
The world finds its peace,
Now comes the final phase,
Also for the OWC

We already tune our doubts
To become a peace song,
Our suffering and sorrow
Comes to rest,

The war is almost won,
We all have fun,
And soon we will start
With the Peace Cabaret.

Post-Editing: Kurt Gerhard Funke