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“If You Can Still Sing, Then Sing Along!”

Public Meeting at the Groote Markt.
Under the great interest of the population, M. van Nierop spoke on Saturday afternoon at the Groote Markt about the topic: “The events of July 20, 1944.”
The speaker shared several previously unpublished details about the explosive attack on the Führer and analyzed the character and motives of individuals like Count von Stauffenberg and Beek, the „graafelijke reactionnaires.“ Disconnected individuals who never forgave the Führer for realizing socialism in a revolutionary way, as this caused their undeserved privileged positions to be lost. And during the hour when Germany faced a major decision, they thought they saw an opportunity to make the front and fatherland collapse by aligning with the enemy. These individuals can be compared to plutocrats and others from the so-called better class in our Netherlands, who take pleasure in seeing the entire Dutch nation collapse, as long as they can retain their privileges based on inherited titles of wealth. He depicted the chaos that would have engulfed us all if the conspirators had been able to achieve their intentions. Actually, one should – according to the speaker, pointing at the St. Jacobus Church – sing the “Te Deum Laudamus” there tomorrow morning, and there – pointing at the Groote Kerk – sing “Dank dankt nu allen God”! Unfortunately, this will not happen. However, we National Socialists – concluded the speaker – thanked God for the rescue of the Führer and will fight more fanatically than ever before, with Mussert for our people and our fatherland, under the Germanic leader Adolf Hitler, until the final victory! – July 24, 1944

DRIEKRUIS is not merely a writer,
He is also an orator,
And he zealously propagates,
And speaks in public.

For he is the Vice-Circle Leader
Of the vile Mussert Circle,
And a fanatic supporter
Of the Hitler Order.

On Saturday, he delivered a speech
At the Market in Enschede,
And he said, he was pleased by it,
And he was thus very content,

That the Führer remained safe,
And the attack had failed,
All Antis are in a cold,
NSB members are comforted,

But we all had to give thanks
To God for something like this, on our knees,
Joyful songs, jubilant sounds,
And an organ melody

Shall resonate through the churches,
Catholic and Protestant
Should weep joyfully,
All of the faithful Netherlands

Ought to show satisfaction,
That the Führer was saved,
His traitors turned into corpses,
And that brings us delight.

But there is an indifferent
Silence in the church today,
And the church acts dully,
Driekruis finds something like this inappropriate

Pastors and priests show
No interest in the rescue,
And only Antoon Mussert‘s sons
Join in the song of joy.

Whether they entice or threaten,
No one else joins in,
All wait and remain silent,
Soon the NSB falls.

Hitler is soon to be subdued,
On that day, when this happens,
Throughout the country, they sing
A polyphonic jubilant song.

Everyone cheers, everyone leaps,
Silent is the NSB.
Then it’s our turn to sing,
And whoever can sing, sings along!

Post-Editing: Kurt Gerhard Funke