2nd volume, no. 34, Page 6
2nd volume, no. 34, Page 7

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“And Yet You Have Triumphed!”

(see cover montage)

All Nazis know
The Holy Grail of the swastika,
There in front of the Feldherrnhalle
The black monument of honor.

It attracts visitors,
From the Rhine and the Neckar
It‘s a second Mecca
For every Hitler-man.

There they lie those who fell
At the first grasp for power,
Once obedient to Adolf‘s goals
They rest in deep night.

They are the holy dead
Of the NSDAP.
And these naziots
Are nowadays free of aching tooth pains.

They lie there and have
Received a magnificent memorial,
And engraved in it:
“And yet you triumphed!”

A solitary loyal one
Ontop a swastika,
A bearded vulture keeps watch
And every dead one is happy

For lieing in the cool earth
For Adolf Hitler’s sake,
He reassures himself on the hour,
And yet I have triumphed!

Eighteen was won too,
Only due to homeland’s guilt
Victory has slipped from you,
And full of impatience

You liked this defeat
to become corrected,
Thus, up until this day,
Adolf has led you.

You are bad losers,
You never understood,
Even today, the Führer ist
Well on his way.

Soon you will be overcome,
Still defeated you will
Once again be singing:
“And yet we have triumphed!”

Post-Editing: Kurt Gerhard Funke