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Newspaper Savings

Paper Savings.
As of Monday, July 10th, all Dutch newspapers must temporarily implement a 25% savings on paper. To achieve the prescribed savings, each subscriber will not receive a newspaper 3 times every 14 days. For this purpose, the following arrangement has been made: In every 14-day period starting on Monday, July 10th, all subscribers living at even house numbers will not receive a newspaper on the 1st Monday, 1st Thursday, and 2nd Wednesday of that period. Those living at odd house numbers will not receive a newspaper on the 1st Tuesday, 2nd Monday, and 2nd Saturday of that period. Postal subscribers will not receive a newspaper during the first 14-day period on July 10th, July 15th, and July 19th, and thereafter on the first Monday, first Saturday, and second Wednesday of each 14-day period. – Management of Twentsch Nieuwsblad.

War times are truly no fun,
The standard of living has lowered,
So many people lost their fat,
And became terribly thin.

There are cut backs and saving
On all sides today,
And of course, it getting less
for the subscribers of newspapers.

For years, the Kraut has been trying
To thin out newspapers,
A leaflet remained, and I thought happily,
Less is not possible.

Unfortunately, I was too optimistic,
Because today it has become clear,
I was terribly mistaken,
And had misjudged it.

A quarter of this leaflet
Was taken from us too
And very cunningly, I hadn‘t
Dreamt of it at all that

From my neighbor I would have to
Borrow the papers,
And he from me, it’s really bitter,
And one could almost weep.

Today, there’s truly not much in it,
As we all know,
And yet I do not like it,
And it bothered me …

Just look, “Volk en Vaderland”
Has really not suffered yet,
And seems like a well-fed newspaper,
That doesn’t make me content.

And all German newspapers
Are still very extensive today:
And this thought hurts me,
And troubles my brain.

I feel hurt and deprived,
I, with my thin little newspaper,
My worldview was clouded,
And such thoughts torment you.

No radio anymore, and even now
A quarter of the newspaper disappeared,
This hope went up in smoke too,
Not comforting me.

But now I see a compliment
In it for all of us,
Because the Kraut admits,
And I approve:

Even if the newspaper was in
one and a half times the size,
It wouldn’t help them at all, by no means
To perish the Netherlands.

Post-Editing: Dr. Kurt Gerhard Funke