2nd volume, no. 51, Page 2
2nd volume, no. 51, Page 3

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Winter Time

The winter time.
It should be noted that in the night from Sunday to Monday, daylight saving time will begin, and therefore on Sunday evening, before going to rest, the clock must be set back one hour. – 30-9-44

Eisenhower, it’s becoming winter
And it’s not done yet,
It saddens me and I really don’t find
Any pleasure in it anymore.

For we write October already
And the weather is getting rough and cold,
And the food becomes very meager,
And we’re getting anxious.

Compared to the French
We feel very deprived,
Their oppression has passed,
Here in the Netherlands

The yoke of the Moffens still bothers us,
Enslaved and disenfranchised,
Even the Belgians seem to have been lucky,
And only we are faring poorly.

The Netherlands feels orphan-like,
Neglected in your plan,
And that makes us very downcast
And very sad, my dear sir.

And we sigh: Eisenhower,
Please hurry up a bit,
Please make it faster,
Your delay is a disappointment,

It’s almost unbearable,
It’s getting worse every day,
Come with men and tanks,
Eisenhower, fight your battle!!!

Post-Editing: Nannie Braunstein-Beekman