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A German to Doctor Saal

Germany, however, does not underestimate the danger in which the Reich finds itself. “We are not there yet,” declared military commentator Dr. Jos Saal candidly yesterday. – October 12, 1944

Dr. Josef Saal,
I find it great
And am certainly shocked,
You are so terribly frank

You have dared it
And said it publicly,
That victory is not yet in sight,
Isn’t that rash?

How can one do such a thing?
What is Hitler doing now?
Are you in trouble
For saying such things?

Germany isn’t there yet?
Doctor Saal, what am I hearing?
That sounds quite pessimistic
And almost defeatist.

I am almost overcome with rage,
The war is progressing so well,
How can you lie like that,
For Germany will triumph anyway.

The final victory is ours,
Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows that,
Dr. Saal, to hell with you,
Surely, there’s no doubt about it.

What do you say, Mr.. Saal?
For heaven‘s sake,
That’s not so certain yet,
Mr. Saal, don’t make me laugh!

For Goebbels declared,
That whoever goes along with Hitler
And allows himself to be led by him
Will ultimately triumph.

Who believes in your idle talk?
What Goebbels says is true!
But what you have written there
Is terribly exaggerated.

You think, that Dr. Saal
Sees it as too fatal.
But you have no idea,
It’s much, much worse.

Post-Editing: Marion Frankenhuis