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“Germany Fights For Europe!”

“Germany fights for Europe!”
The accuracy of our thesis „Germany fights for Europe,“ formulated in 1941, has been questioned. We have been told that Germany only fights for a Europe controlled by Germany. I do not want to concern myself with this question at all. I can even imagine that the concept of this Europe was not clear in German minds at that time. Now we know that the essence of this Europe lies in the free development of the culture of European peoples, in the national freedom of European nations who are conscious that they are Europeans and have a European mission. The German people have gone a difficult path and made boundless sacrifices for this insight and wisdom. Therefore, we hold on to this understanding. We oppose any imperialism, no matter where it comes from, because we know that imperialism means the end of Europe, the end of the European spirit. We desire freedom for the European peoples, but a freedom with the awareness of their responsibility for Europe itself. They must and will all step forward. Through this, they will earn their recognition. That is also what brings us so close to you, Dutch comrades. You have gone ahead of your people to walk the path of sacrifices for this Europe, which ultimately means the freedom of your own nation. – 21-4-44

They want as it rushes to its end
To include us all,
And suddenly mean well with us,
The intruders discover,

They are so European-minded,
And so altruistic,
From where does the new wind blow?
Seyss became very pessimistic,

Because Germany is completely weakened
And will not make it anymore.
By sweet-talking
And promoting new ideals

Of a united Europe,
Of nothing but free nations,
Governed solely by goodwill,
He tries to conjure the clouds of destiny,

the Hitlerian eclipse,
For some time,
Yet he does not bring about a turning point,
Fate cannot be reversed.

They suddenly act so European
Like never before,
Seyss-Inquart almost screams hoarse,
But no one seems to hear.

Why is his call not convincing?
They have, it is evident,
Only just discovered their European heart,
After it all went wrong.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig